Trustworthy smart IoT platform builder in the 5G era

Das Intellitech is committed to being a trusted platform builder of Smart IOT and striving to be the leader of IOT solutions for smart cities, based on the mission of "All things are connected intelligently" and adhering to the values of "benefits all the people in the world with perseverance".


Smart Hospital

Dashi Intelligent has accumulated services for 600+ hospitals, operating rooms a...

Smart Transportation

Based on the "AI + IoT products" and "AI + big data products" independently deve...

Smart Building

Dashi Smart is the first to launch and implement smart building solutions based ...


  • Reflect on and ignite nuclear fusion in heart! Chairman Liu Bang shared his wonderful personal experiences at the Yanqi Lake Forum

  • Infinite intelligence, internet of things for the future: artificial intelligence fully endows Shenzhen Dazhi Intelligence Co., Ltd with multi-scenario solutions

  • Liu Bang, Board Chairman of DAS INTELLITECH: persevere in technological innovations, to make due contributions to the prosperity of our homeland

  • Das Tower was awarded the LEED platinum medal, and “pre-authentication” upgraded into “formal authentication”!

  • Special media report of DAS TOWER: Smart + green model office building

  • This RMB 3 billion Yuan Smart Hospital, where does the money go?

  • Facial recognition products of DAS INTELLITECH assisted the Yanqi Lake Forum

  • Das Smart 25 years
    Building a smart IoT platform

    The service has covered 31 provincial
    administrative regions and 300+
    cities in the country

  • 6000+

    Smart medical industry applications
    Applications cover large hospitals 600+, operating rooms and ICU6000 +

  • 3000+

    Application of smart building industry
    Application covers 30 provincial-level administrative regions, 200+ cities, 3000+ projects

  • 46

    Smart transportation industry applications
    Applications covering 26 cities and 46 subway lines across the country

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