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ISC 2013 The pitch that Intel’s salespeople have to make to push Xeon Phi x86-based coprocessors just got a little easier and more interesting. And in the same week that a hybrid Xeon-Xeon Phi machine – China’s Tianhe-2 – took the.

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Aug 7, 2017. webthree-umbrella – Former home of cpp-ethereum (Oct 2015 to Aug 2016)

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Intel Xeon Phi™ processors, and NVIDIA ® Tesla ® GPU accelerators. With a top peak performance of 500 petaflops,

Yes, AMD cards are currently out-of-stock world wide, but that’s due to massive overuse of OpenCL for Ethereum cyptocurrency mining. Intel does have Xeon Phi architecture to compete against GPUs, but who’s really willing to.

3DBOXX 8950 includes up to four dual slot add-in graphics, coprocessor, or accelerator cards (NVIDIA Maximus, Intel Xeon, Phi™, etc.) as well as three additional PCI-E slots. Multiple slots accommodate varied configurations and.

Getting Started with the Intel Xeon Phi on Ubuntu 14.04/Linux Kernel 3.13.0. I will try to document how to get the Intel Xeon Phi running on Kernel 3.13.0.

Mar 26, 2016. Some numbers – running ethminer on my CPU gives me a hashrate of 0.248 megahashes per second (MH/s). For comparison, each of my over-clocked AMD R9 390X GPUs gives me a hashrate of about 31.58 MH/s. My GPU gives me 127x the hashrate of my CPU. It is a lowish end CPU AMD FX(tm)-6350.

This is the progreesion with a 3.5GHz 6-core E5 Xeon: Two days ago mined around 40 blocks a day. Today I mined a few blocks. Tomorrow. Apart from experiments with contracts I am benchmarking GPU mining. Not yet sure if it is functional. CPP-ethereum is the only one supporting GPU atm but setting it.

Personally I got ~88khs with CPU mining on Intel Xeon (4 cores)/16GB RAM and Ubuntu 14.04. It looks like @larz. I get ~90 khashes/s on a Xeon E5-2609 v2 @ 2.5 GHz (Ethash benchmark, Ubuntu, single threaded). If anyone has benchmark info about Intel Xeon PHI cards, then please let me know.

I (as many people have) seen the deals recently on Xeon Phi's I was wondering if anyone has a Xeon Phi (not necessaily the one on sale) and if.

Aug 1, 2017. By now, you've probably heard of Ethereum mining. It's definitely the new hotness – the number of folks joining the fold has exponentially spiked over the last couple of months. Are you interested in jumping in? Still wondering what it is and why people are so excited about it? Read on…

Ethereum Analysis Breaking Ethereum price news and analysis. Learn about Ethereum price trends, industry updates, and latest developments in the Ethereum industry. Key Levels Ahead – The broad rally in cryptocurrencies continued throughout the weekend, and the. Nov 26, 2017  · Ethereum price made heavy gains recently against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD started a short-term correction

Ethereum Xeon PhiMining on Intel Xeon Phi – KNL-F 7250 · Issue #14992 · ethereum/go. – Aug 17, 2017. Is it possible to use geth with Intel Xeon Phi KNL-F 7250 CPU? Is it prepared to use all the processor features? Can I use it with a mining pool or is it best for solo mining? @karalabe. Member. karalabe commented on Aug 18. Geth itself does not support running the miner on a GPU or the Phi. I'm unsure if.

Hello, Can someone please peer review these logs and estimate the hash rate for the Xeon Phi 5110. Please advise how to interpret the output.

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Testnet-mining performance benchmark. guess at the setup to purchase to mine Ethereum today and what might benefits. about Intel Xeon PHI.

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Feb 11, 2016. Update: According to Intel, the MCDRAM on the Xeon Phi "Knights Landing" CPU has a latency which with eyeballing I'd estimate 50% or greater latency compared to the 6-channel DDR4 setup, until the workload gets suffiently large. That explains why Fury isn't any faster in hashing. If we assume GDDR5.

Accessing the L1 cache involves latency of only one cycle. Since the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor is an in-order machine, the latency of memory accesses has significant.

I read in the wild some folks are utilizing the Xeon Phi for Zcash mining. Intel Xeon Phi- is it mining?. I notice there is no ethereum ASIC.

Former home of libweb3core (part of cpp-ethereum)

I am going to offload some computation to Xeon Phi but would like to test different APIs and different apporached to the parallel programming first. Is there a.

Intel unveils the Xeon Phi 3100 and 5110p coprocessors, Intel’s Exascale HPC Revolution and Xeon Phi. Best Ethereum Mining GPUs – A Benchmark.

Would xeon phi coprocessos be able to mine ethereum? : EtherMining – reddit – Since graphics cards can mine ethereum, would intel xeon phi processors be able to mine too? I. Curious if they can mine since I've got one of the.

. of 9 Sequana cells and are equipped with the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® Skylake-EP processors and Intel®.