Ethereum Node Needs To Sync Looking For Peers

Hi, My wallet seems to have run into some problems, and now won't launch. It is stuck at: "Ubiq node needs to sync, please wait." "Looking for.

If privacy and confidentiality are the main design feature for shared ledgers, tradeoff need to occur in order to make this work. All systems have tradeoffs and using.

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"Infinite Peer Search" for Ethereum wallet #292. Ethereum node needs to sync #386. well i downloaded 7.5 and still hangs looking for peers?

Jun 13, 2017. Ethereum node needs to sync, taking too long #2508. In my hyped-up hurry to buy ETH I rushed into installing Ethereum Wallet app, copied the first legit looking address and used Changelly to change BTC to ETH and sent it to that address. For a long time, I only had 1 or no peers, but now I have 12.

Apr 7, 2016. resources/node/geth/ subdirectory under your Ethereum Wallet installation directory. This is the software that connects to peers in the Ethereum network to synchronise the blockchain. Here is. Here is what it would look like if your network does not allow communication to the Ethereum bootnode server.

"Ethereum node needs to sync, it's unable to sync. I have the option to skip peer search and start the application but it. Ethereum node stuck can't sync. for.

Mar 17, 2017. Wallet not finding peers, blocks or ether #1761. Open. Hi there @demarzano, I' d recommend looking over the advice from @luclu on how to locate the node.log file. doing-the-initial-sync-of-ethereum-wallet-what-can-i-do-to/6569.

I think blockchain needs an alternative. will use the Qtum network, an.

Jun 22, 2017. Version: Ethereum Wallet 0.8.10 OS & Version: OS X 10.12.5 (Sierra) Node type: Geth 1.6.5 (default). I have the same situation, the new blocks are downloaded quickly, and then for a very long time looking for peers for a few hours.. In fact this stuff seem to need more bandwidth as I have here.

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I am running Ethereum-Wallet-win32-x64–3-5 on Windows 64bit. I open Ethereum-Wallet.exe and it stays on "Ethereum node needs to sync, please.

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Browse and use Ðapps on the Ethereum network. Skip to content. Features Business. Ethereum node needs to sync #386. It hangs at the "Looking for peers."

I'm running an Ethereum node using geth and it can't find any peers. I've already tried the time sync command suggested on the wiki. My bandwidth is good.